Lars Feilberg hasdecided to step down as head of production and development at the Danish FilmInstitute from Aug 1, despite recently getting his position prolonged by threeyears.

"The Danish FilmInstitute has been a highly inspirational and exiting place to work for thepast three years," he says, "and I am proud to hand over a department, which Ibelieve has been improved in several areas. We worked through the standardcontracts with the broadcasters, the recent media and film agreement and havehired new film commissioners."

The position is animportant link between the local film industry and the government's filmfunding body, but Feilberg plans to continue working in that area just on theother side of the table. "I had a very good offer, and will work as aconsultant for the producer's association in the negotiations for the nextmedia and film agreement - but in time I would also like to go back toproducing myself." The Danish Film Institute have yet to find a replacement.