Nicolas Winding Refn is getting ready to shoot Valhalla Rising with support from the Danish Film Institute.

The national institute is guaranteeing $1.1m (Euros 0.8m) of its $7.2m (Euros 5.1m)budget.

National star Mads Mikkelsen plays amute Viking who whileescaping from imprisonment in Scotland accidentally discovers America.

The shoot is expected to start in spring 2008 primarily in Scotland.

Winding Refn has written the story with Norwegian writer Roy Jacobsen and the film is described as being inspired by Mad Max and Deliverance albeit with a detailed attention to tenth century details with for example beginning tension between Christians and heathens.

The soundtrack will be composed partly by Glasgow-based rock band Mogwai whose previous work includesSicko, Miami Vice and Wicker Park.

Nicolas Winding Refn is primarily known for his Pusher-trilogy and the thriller Fear X with John Turturro in the leading role.

Lately he directed Marple: Nemesis for UK television. Valhalla Rising will be produced by Nimbus Film lately specializing in production of big local budget films compared to an average of $3.5m (Euros 2.5m).

Before Valhalla Rising, Nimbus Film will release war epic Flame and Citron directed by Ole Christian Madsen also starring Mads Mikkelsen and Hanns Zischler early in 2008.