Two high profile Danishfilm-makers have embarked on new projects that appear to be attacks on thecountry's most famous film exports - Lars von Trier and the Dogme movement.

Upcoming films from OleBornedal (I Am Dina) and Anders Thomas Jensen (Adam's Apples)both indirectly address Trier's position as the local king of art film.

The prolific Anders ThomasJensen has written Spraengfarlig Bombe(literally translated as Explosive Bomb).To be directed later this month by Tomas Villum Jensen (Sun King), it isproduced by Nordisk Film.

The film centres on the storyof a father who takes his two children to the cinema to see a new film by acritically acclaimed arthouse director. But the film is terrible and the fatherasks for his money back.

It is difficult not to seethe story as Jensens' reaction to Trier's widely reported critical opinion inthe summer that Jensen was too prolific for his own good.

Meanwhile, Bornedal iscurrently shooting family film TheSubstitute, which stars Paprika Steen as a teacher who turns out to be analien.

The Substitute is produced by Michael Obel at Thura Film. It is being produced underthe new Fantasia label - which itself is a kind of reaction to the Dogme label.

Under the new label, genrefilms will be championed and the pictures will aim for a minimum of 350,000ticket sales each. Only the top five Danish films each year can count on makingthat kind of box office.