Danish films hit the box-office jackpot at local cinemas last year, with a 20-year high of 3.6m admissions.

The Danish Film Institute reported that local productions accounted for 3.6m of the territory's 12m total tickets sold - a 30% market share and a 75% increase on 2000. Over the past five years the annual average admissions for local product has been just 2.1m

The volume of local product was unusually high in 2001, with local films competing not only with foreign product, but also among themselves.

2001 also saw more than just the usual handful of titles boosting the local market share, as several films had reasonable results at the box-office. Some 1.3m more tickets were sold compared to 2000, and many of these to films like Italian For Beginners, Anja & Viktor and My Sister's Children which amassed more than 1.6m admissions between them.

However, other films also proved attractive to home audiences, even in the face of US competition like Harry Potter and others. These included Hella Joof's feature debut Shake It All About and Peter Flinth's family adventure The Olsen Gang Junior, which hit 290,000 and 40,000 admissions in their respective five and one weeks on release.


Anja & Viktor/Regner Grasten Film'...574,152
Chop Chop/Zentropa'.'''''''.97,001
Count Axel/Cosmo Film'''''''.67,254
Flickering Lights/M&M Productions'..143,979*
Flying Granny/Grested Film'''''.264,180
Help, I'm A Fish/A Film'''''''..37,837*
Italian For Beginners/Zentropa'''..700,132*
Jewel Of The Desert/Thura Film''.'106,596
Jolly Roger/M&M Productions''''..96,895
Karla Kanin Bio 4/Angel Arena''''...9,246
Kira's Reason/Nimbus Film''''..'.70,515
Leila/Angel Arena''''.''''''.1,059
Mona's World/Per Holst Film''''..101,668
My Sister's Children/Moonlight''''383,199
One Hand Clapping/Zentropa''''.199,005
Prop & Berta/Zentropa''''''''87,470
Send Mere Slik/Crone Film''''''77,248
Shake It All About/Angel Films'''...288,567
The Bench/Zentropa''''''''160,587*
The King Is Alive/Zentropa''''''.13,064
The Olsen Gang Junior/Nordisk Film'..39,193
Truly Human/Zentropa''''''''53,666

* not including admissions from 2000