Danish newcomer Martin Strange's film Feeling Desire (Naar Lysterne Taendes), has won the Oscar for best foreign student film, which will be awarded by the Academy of Motion Picture and Arts and Sciences on June 9.

Already, New York-based Kinetic Arts has been in contact with the filmmakers about remaking the short as an English language feature film. "Kinetic's Chris Spanos and Alex Twersky had seen the film in the competition in Clermont Ferrand, and contacted us right away," producer Mie Andreasen told Screen. "We believe that the film has such a universal theme, in the vein of American Beauty and that it will work perfectly in the US too."

Writer Flemming Klem based his script on the short story My Wife Doesn't Understand Me by the acclaimed Danish writer Finn Soeborg, and it will be the same producer-director-writer trio who will bring the remake to the big screen. It is the story of a man bored with his ordinary life, who invents an affair to be able to be on his own. Andreasen produces the $5m film for M&M Productions, as she did with the trio's latest short film