In a move to attract film production to the Oresund region - the land around the strait dividing Denmark and Sweden - the Oresund Film Commission has appointed Swede Natasha Banke and Danish producer Ulrik Bolt Joergensen to head a joint initiative between Copenhagen Capacity and Position Skaane.

The regional institutions in the Danish capital and Sweden's southern province Skaane have worked to establish the organisation since 2002, and this summer it received EU funding for its estimated $1m budget, which is also backed by private business interests, trade organisations and public regional development bodies.

With offices in both countries, the commission hopes to be able to bridge and build new relations between Copenhagen, where most of the Danish film industry and facilities are, and the Swedish regional film centre, Film i Skaane in Malmo, which subsidises both local and international productions, provided the all the money is spent in the region.