Screen chatted to the hard man of British cinema about his latest - and very different - role in Ray Cooney’s Run For Your Wife.


For Danny Dyer, who is accustomed to playing gangsters and football hooligans, taking the lead in Ray Cooney’s slapstick comedy luvvie fest Run For Your Wife makes a refreshing change.

“I love comedy and I love being around luvvies and all that air kissing. I need a bit of that in my life,” Dyer told me between takes at a South London church hall location.

Adapted by the very dapper 79-year-old Cooney (pictured below) from his successful stage play, the film features an insane number of cameos including Lionel Blair, Bernard Cribbins (who was in the original play), Rolf Harris, Barbara Windsor and Cliff Richard. During my brief set visit I also bumped into Christopher Biggins, June Whitfield, Maureen Lipman and her dog, Diva.

Dyer plays a roguish but loveable taxi driver whose bigamy finally catches up with him over a hectic 24-hour period as he tries to dodge the police and stop his two wives (played by Denise Van Outen and Sarah Harding) meeting.

“The films I make are a bit controversial, they are about drugs and violence and they can upset people. This is not going to upset anyone and hopefully it will show people I can do something different,” Dyer told me.

Still, he admits that the lack of swearing in the script is proving to be a bit of a problem. “I have to get it out in between takes.”

You can take the boy out of East London…