Danny Dyer, Kate Ashfield and Mary Stockley are set to star in a new UK low-budget feature, 7 Lives.

The plot follows a man who is attacked by 'hoodies' and then falls into a dream state where he lives out other lives and confronts his own adultery.

The film will be comprised of seven stories, shot on film or high definition video, each with a different look. Two stories will be shot on locatoin and other scenes will be set at a disused warehouse in East London.

The film-makers have shot one segment of the film and are currently raising the rest of the under-$1m budget.

Paul Wilkins, who directed award-winning shorts including Call Me, is making his feature directorial debut.

Wilkins is also producing with Kurban Kassam.

John De Borman, who worked on The Full Monty and Hideous Kinky, will serve as cinematographer. Nigel Galt (Eyes Wide Shut, Underworld) is editing.