Pathe has announced the appointment of two new members to its executive board.

Dany Boon, who directed and starred in the studio’s blockbuster Welcome To The Sticks; and Lisa Azuelos; director of such hit comedies Comme T’Y Es Belle and LOL (Laughing Out Loud) now join Eduardo Malone, Jerome Seydoux, Bruno Bonnell, Michel Crepon, Francois Letaconnoux, Michel Seydoux and Sophie Seydoux on the board, Pathe said in a statement on Monday.

Further, the company announced that as of September 15, the production and distribution arm of Pathe will be known as Pathe Films. The modification in the name comes with the announcement that Pathe Films will be co-managed by Romain Le Grand and Marc Lacan, under the authority of studio chairman Jerome Seydoux. Le Grand will primarily oversee films while Lacan will head up management.

Both Lacan and Le Grand joined the studio in 1997.