The 12A UK and PG-13 US certificates for Harry Potter And The Goblet OfFire won't damage its box-office strength when it opens tomorrow,according to Veronika Kwan-Rubinek, president of distribution Warner BrosPictures International.

In fact, she believes the older certification may even prove to be a benefit by attracting teenagers.

"The movies have remained true to the books, and as thecharacters have matured, we have also seen over time that the audience hasmatured with them," she said.

This is certainly evidenced in the UK, which hasconsistently seen the smallest film-to-film drop offs as the franchise hasmatured into older, darker themes The Prisoner Of Azkaban enjoyed thebiggest opening to date with a total gross ($84.8m) only 2% less than that of ChamberOf Secrets ($86.6m).

In comparison, Chamber Of Secrets had an 8% drop fromThe Philosopher's Stone in the UK.

In North America Prisoner Of Azkaban witnessed a paltry 5% slip from Chamber Of Secrets which in turn had dropped 17.5% fromThe Philosopher's Stone.

The marketing has moved with the progressive films andcontinues to do so with Goblet Of Fire with the intention of bringing in the teenaudiences the story now addresses.

"The older certificate did not generally impact themarketing of the film," says Sue Kroll, president of marketing, WarnerBros Pictures International.

"The films, as based upon the books, are gettingprogressively darker. The kids who grewup with the books are also getting older. As such, our marketing campaignreflects the tone of the film. Because Goblet of Fire also deals withaspects of growing up, we have a real opportunity to capture the teenagemarket."

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