Icon EntertainmentInternational is understood to be taking sales duties on The Darwin Awards, a romantic comedy starring Winona Ryder and JosephFiennes.

Written and to bedirected by Finn Taylor, the film tells the story of a detective (Fiennes) andan insurance claims investigator (Ryder) looking into a potential winner of theDarwin Award, an Internet award given to people who hurt or kill themselves inridiculous ways. Icon declined to comment, but the project has been generatingbuyer interest at the AFM.

Production willreportedly start this month with a cast including David Arquette, EmilyMortimer and Tim Blake Nelson. The project reunites Taylor with Johnny Wow, hisproducer on Cherish and DreamWith The Fishes. Also producing are Seabiscuit's Jane Sindell and Accidental Husband's Jason Blum.