The second edition of Copenhagen's international documentaryfilm festival CPH:DOX wrapped on Saturday night when it split its Euro 5,000main prize between Hubert Sauper's Austrian Darwin's Nightmare and PirjoHonkasalo's Finnish Three Rooms of Melancholia.

Darwin's Nightmare show how Russian pilots fly armsto Africa and return to Europe with expensive fish, which could have fed thestarving population there.

"I have found problems a thousand times worse than I hadexpected," Sauper explained in person at the ceremony. "You scratch the surfaceof the wall and suddenly the whole house comes down. My film shows how a chainof banalities leads to an insane structure."

The main jury consisted of Toronto co-director Noah Cowenand producer Vibeke Windeloev among others.

The independent documentary film festival in the Danishcapital, which is organized by the NatFilm Festival in collaboration with theDanish Film Institute, seems to have confirmed its hold in local audiences with16,500 admissions compared to its debut year's 11,700.

Full list of awards:

CPH:DOX Award 2004
Darwin's Nightmare (Hubert Sauper)
Three Rooms Of Melancholia (Pirjo Honkasalo)
Special Mention: Jerusalem My Love(Jeppe Roende)

Amnesty Award 2004
Justice (Maria Ramos)
Special Mention: Disbelief (Andrei Nekarsov)

New Vision Award 2004
I Love You All (Eyal Sivan, Audrey Marion)
Special Mention: Rejsen Paa Ophavet(Max Kestner)
Special Mention: Gunnar Goes Comfortable (Gunnar Hall Jensen)

Roos Award 2004 (DKK25.000)
Tue Steen Müller (head of European Documentary Network)