The Day After Tomorrow, 20th Century Fox's eco-disaster epicdirected by Roland Emmerich, has passed the $500m mark at the worldwide boxoffice after six weeks on release.

As of Tuesday July 6, thefilm's domestic gross was $177.28 and its international gross was $322.84m,bringing its wordwide total to $500.12m.

The film opened with 108number one openings over the May 26 to May 31 holiday weekend and grossed aglobal total of $187m in that six-day period.

Its cumulative totals todate include $43.4m in the UK, $28.7m in Germany, $15.6m in Spain, $16.4m inFrance, $12.4m in Italy, $39.6m in Japan, $15.1m in Korea, $13.55m inAustralia, $10.77m in Taiwan, $18.5m in Mexico, $6.8m in Brazil, $9.7m inRussia and $8.2m in China.