Danish writer-director Simon Staho's Swedish-languagearthouse hit Day And Night has hit a serious snag on its way to Sweden'snational film awards.

Lauded by Swedish critics and starring a number of thecountry's biggest stars including Mikael Persbrandt, Pernilla August, MichaelNyqvist, Lena Endre and Fares Fares, the film has nevertheless beendisqualified from competing for a Swedish Film Award - the Guldbagga - ongrounds that it is not a Swedish film.

Like the filmmaker the main producer Zentropa is Danish, butthe majority of the financing, co-producers Film I Vast and Sonet Film, all 11actors and locations are Swedish. The filmmaker has sent an open letter to thenational press in objection to the decision of the Guldbagga committee.

Internationally, it has been screened in San Sebastian andMannheim as well as Chicago where it picked up a Silver Hugo for its ensemblecast.

In Denmark the film will marginally qualify as a Danish film for the national film awards, the Bodil from the association of film critics and the Robert from the Danish Film Academy.

However, Danish films with non-local actors have very rarely been considered for an award. Even Nicole Kidman's starring turn in Dogville only won her a nomination, but no award. A film with a similar setup of Danish writer-director and main producer but Swedish language, cast and story, Bille August's A Song For Martin, was nominated in both Denmark and Sweden.