The Berlin based distributor announces new management structure after it stepped in to save Delphi Filmverleih from insolvency in January.

Joel Brandeis joins the management board at Berlin-based company DCM (formerly Delphi Filmverleih) as co-managing director.

Together with the current managing director Dario Suter, Brandeis will be responsible for rights management in particular in the DCM distribution division.

DCM partners Christoph Daniel and Marc Schmidheiny, besides heading the production division, will be responsible for acquisitions in the new alignment, whilst Sonja Schmitt continues to be part of the distribution management team as head of operations.

“We are looking forward to our part in the Berlinale 2012 with our new alignment, the clear distribution of roles and, not least, the brilliant and well-rehearsed team behind us”, explains managing director Dario Suter.

The next major releases for DCM will be Kon-Tiki, a film about the famous expedition of Norwegian researcher and adventurer Thor Heyerdahl and Dustin Hoffman’s directorial debut Quartet.