Alex de la Iglesia will wrap shooting next week on the firstin a landmark series of six genre TV movies for Filmax and Telecinco dubbed "Filmsto Keep You Awake."

Theseries is the first of its kind in Spain. Filmax is presenting thetitles to buyers this week at Mipcom. Other directors involved include JaumeBalaguero, Paco Plaza, Mateo Gil, Narciso Ibanez Serrador and Enrique Urbizu.

De la Iglesia's The Child's Room (La Habitacion Del Nino)stars Leonor Watling (Talk To Her) and Javier Gutierrez (FootballDays) in the tale of a married couple with a newborn baby who move into ahaunted house.

"We are carrying outa film shoot for television," says de la Iglesia. "Films to Keep You Awakeis going to be a huge audience success."