Italian producer Aurelio De Laurentiis has taken overNaples' new football club, which will start life in Serie C, the country'sthird division.

Twice Italian champions Napoli were recently declaredbankrupt but the franchise for the city was taken up by a new club formed by DeLaurentiis.

Althoughformally the club has a new name they are expected to be known as Napoli andplay in the original light blue shirts of the old club.

Filmauro head Aurelio De Laurentiis - son of legendaryproducer Dino De Laurentiis - is president of Italy's union of film producers.

His credits include the Jude Law starring Sky Captain AndThe World Of Tomorrow, which was due to screen at Venice this week but waspulled at the last minute as it is still in post-production.

De Laurentiis is the latest in a line of high profileItalian producers to bankroll Italian football clubs - following in thefootsteps of Vittorio Cecchi Gori (who was president of Fiorentina when it wentbankrupt in 2002) and Silvio Berlusconi, owner of AC Milan.