Italianproducer Aurelio De Laurentiis is lining up a sequel to hit Manual of Love, which earned almost $17m (Euros 15m) at the local box office and was sold to15 countries worldwide.

Thenew film, which is expected to be called Manual of Love, Other Stories, will once again be directed by Giovanni Veronesi and will be written byhim and Ugo Chiti.

"WhenUgo Chiti and I thought about the sequel, our starting-point was what hadbeen left out of the first film," Veronesi said in an interview with Italiandaily Il Giornale.

"Thefirst film analyzed falling in love, a crisis, betrayal and leaving. This timeit will be sexual desire, marriage, motherhood and separation. Particularly thelast episode will be told in the manner of theWar of the Roses."

Veronesisaid the cast has not yet been finalized although he hopes to sign on CarloVerdone, Silvio Muccino and Margherita Buy, who all appeared in Manual ofLove.

Meanwhile,Veronesi, who has a three-year exclusive deal with Aurelio De Laurentiis'sRome-based Filmauro, is also lining up a film called Emozioni, that will alsostar teen heartthrob Muccino.

Thepicture, previously entitled Everything And Right Now, is being scripted by Veronesi and Muccino.

Thetwo previously teamed up to write 2004 sleeper hit Che Ne Sara' Di Noi.

Veronesisaid the film will focus on the "violent and contradictory emotions"that a 25-year-old goes through during a crucial year that sees him both losehis parents and become a first-time father.

"Itwill be an intense film, a little bit more profound than my others. Just think,when I told De Laurentiis the story, even he was moved. Although this doesn'tmean I no longer want to see people laughing at the cinema," Veronesisaid.

Veronesihas also co-written blockbuster comic Leonardo Pieraccioni's latest film, TiAmo In Tutte Le Lingue Del Mondo, which is due out inItaly on December 16 through Medusa.