Spanish-Italian media venture DeAPlaneta will launch a new international sales department at Cannes, headed by CFOGonzalo Martin.

Current acquisitions directorYolanda del Val and sales manager Laia Medina will handle day-to-day work.

The company's slate will spanin-house productions, co-productions and third-party pick-ups from Spain andLatin America.

Among DeA Planeta's recent featurefilm productions are psychological thrillers Dos and Trastorno, whichare currently in production; and The White Knight and The IdiotMaiden (La Dama Boba), both recently released in Spain.

Knight is sold internationally by ArclightFilms.

The new international salesdepartment comes after several years of growth as a producer and distributor,particularly in the last two years under former executive president AlvaroZapata.

In March, Zapata left his position,which is now overseen by Martin and business director Jose Escola.