Cinema Service has scored a series of notable deals on its sold sci-fi, action-comedy Volcano High.

The film, which features a young man banned from using his incredible fighting powers who is banished to a high school with an impossibly bad disciplinary record, was sold to Distant Horizon for North America and South Africa. It was also sold to EMS for Germany, Medusa for the UK, Mad Man Distribution for Australia and Hollywood Films for the Middle East.

Distant Horizon, which has emerged as a regular buyer of Asian titles, including Versus, Zu Warriors and Black Mask, is expected to arrange theatrical distribution in the US through a third party. The company, which is understood to have put up a minimum guarantee will also pay for P&A and an English-language dub.

"This is the most original take on the martial arts genre since the second wave of kung fu films that came out of Hong Kong," said Distant Horizon boss Anant Singh. It was produced by Sidus Entertainment. It goes on Japanese theatrical release on December 14 through Amuse Pictures.

Following Mifed, Cinema Service also struck deals with Japan's powerhouse indie distributor gaga Communications for two other pictures, big budget thriller Last Witness and marital drama Ardor. The film played to critical acclaim in Pusan and is tipped for a sidebar slot in Berlin next year.