The 7th edition ofMotovun Film Festival in Istria, Croatia (Jul 25-29) ended with a doublevictory for Romanian Cristi Pulu's Deathof Mr. Lazarescu.

After winning the main prizeat the 12th Palic Festival of European Film in Serbia and Montenegro(Jul 17-23), the drama took the main award 'Propeller of Motovun' andAmnesty International Human Rights Award.

It is the latest in a stringof wins for the feature which played in Cannes' Un Certain Regard and has wontop prizes at other festivals including the TransylvaniaInternational Film Festival (TIFF) and Hungary's Alba Regia International FilmFestival. (See link below for full review).

This year the festivalpresented 38 feature, documentary and short films. The selection includedarthouse fare such as Jonathan Caouette's Tarnationand Gotz Spiellman's Antares, thecrowd pleasing documentary The Yes Menby Chris Smith, Dan Ollman and Sarah Price, and also the latest films fromdirectors such Lars von Trier's Manderlayand Wim Wenders' Land Of Plenty.

Taking place in the beautifulmedieval hill town of Motovun, the festival is considered one of the mostimportant in the region.

Motovun was packed for fivedays and generally the screenings were filled, mostly with young audiences.

The main jury consisted ofCroatian director Zvonimir Berkovic, Austrian producer Helmut Grasser and Dutchdirector Marleen Gorris.


PROPELLER OF MOTOVUN (thebest film award)
Death of Mr. Lazarescu (Cristi Pulu,Romania)

Day And Night (Simon Staho, Denmark)

Death of Mr. Lazarescu (Cristi Pulu,Romania)

FROM A TO A (the best film in 'Albania to Austria' region)
Bal-Can-Can (Darko Mitrevski,Macedonia/Italy)

MOTOVUN ONLINE (best short film up to 15 minutes)
7.35 In The Morning (IgnacioVigalondo, Spain)

My Summer Of Love (Pawel Pawlikowski,UK)