A team of Scandinavian producers headed by NielsAalbaek Jensen is planning to launch a pay-TV film channel dedicated toScandinavian film.

The channel will play no US films or commercials -just Scandinavian features, documentaries and short films.

The new channel, which will be co-owned by theproducers and Aalbaek Jensen, is close to a signing a carriage deal with one ofScandinavia's largest cable TV companies.

The producers are planning to spend Euros 3m to getthe channel on air. They intend to schedule children's films in the afternoon;from 7pm onwards it will play Scandinavian cinema only

Niels Aalbaek Jensen, the brother of Lars Von Trierproducer Peter Aalbaek Jensen, said: "We will only show what I consider to befilms from the best third of local production from Denmark, Finland, Norway,Sweden and Iceland."