Montreal-based Delphis Films has picked up international rights to Anna Justice's feature debut Max Minsky And Me, a production of X Films Creative Pool.

Delphis plans to screen the film at EFM in Berlin in February. The child-oriented comedy opened in Germany in September 2007 and won the Lion Prize at Amsterdam's Cinekid festival. Berlin-based X Filme produced such international hits as Run Lola Run and Goodbye Lenin.

Adapted for the screen by Holly-Jane Rahlens from her best-selling novel, Max Minsky And Me stars Zoe Moore in a Cinderella story set in contemporary Berlin.

It was the last X Films production overseen by Maria Koepf, who left the company in 2006 to form Magnet Filmproduktion. Koepf has since stepped in to run the Berlin arm of Zentropa Entertainment, where she is overseeing production of Lukas Moodysson's Germany-Sweden-Denmark coproduction Mammoth.