In Berlin with competition title Before Sunset, actress Julie Delpy has revealed further details of her two new directorial projects, both of which are slated to feature roles for her Before Sunset co-star, Ethan Hawke.

The $4m Tell Me is a modern fairy tale about a woman trapped with a man who could potentially kill her. To save her life, she tells the man stories. Adam Goldberg and Michael Rapaport are attached to the project, which is being represented internationally by Donald K. Ranvaud's new producer/sales collective, Buena Onda Films. Ranvaud himself will produce. Exec producer is Robert Bevan.

Delpy's second project has the working title Bathory and is about the notorious Countess Of Bathory, a serial killer whose pet hobby was bathing in the blood of virgins. It is being developed by Muse Projects and will shoot in Romania. "They are very dark films," Delpy told Screen. Both are at the casting stage.

In recent years, Delpy (who has worked with Godard and Kieslowski) has largely retreated from acting to concentrate on her writing and singing careers. "Two or three years ago, I decided that what I wanted to do with my life was not to try to become a star and be successful and do big movies'it made me very unhappy to try to follow the typical actress/star road," Delpy said. "I see people who are just actresses and sometimes, as they get older, their lives get so tragic. They become so dependent on other people desiring them and they lose their beauty'I can't be like that."