Richard Dembo,director of L'Instinct De l'Ange and La Carpe Dans La Baignoire among others,has begun shooting his next feature film, LaMaison De Nina.

The story takesplace just after the liberation of France at the end of World War II, a time atwhich children were placed in homes whose goal was to reconstruct the lives ofits inhabitants. The director will attempt to bring to the screen thisdifficult period in history.

Agnès Jaoui (Le Gout Des Autres) will feature in thefilm as the director of one such house. Also starring will be Charles Berling (Agents Secrets), Gaspard Ulliel (Strayed) and Sarah Adler (Notre Musique). The film will beproduced by Alain Rozanes and Pascal Verroust, and co-produced by TF1, and willfinish shooting at the end of the summer