While it took leadposition in several major territories over the weekend CGI-animated film Robotswas unable to take the lead in Denmark despite a superior screen count to everyother film on release in the country.

However, the filmthat kept Robots off the top spot was not last weekend's leader Hitchenjoying strong holdovers (the comedy slipped to third), nor was it toughcompetition from fellow opener The Ring Two as in Norway (the horrorsequel opened fifth in Denmark). No, the Danish champion was German Oscarnominee Downfall (Der Untergang).

The drama, aboutHitler's last days, saw a mere 5% drop off from its opening weekend last week,when it ranked third. This week the film, distributed by Sandrew Metronome inDenmark, nabbed the lead spot despite playing on only 16 screens, some 73 fewerthan Robots.

Robots did record moreadmissions over the weekend but its average ticket price reduced grosses due tochildren's concession rates.