Mimicking the situation in the rest of the region the Danishbox-office this weekend was all but swept away by Roland Emmerich's ecologicaldisaster extravaganza, The Day AfterTomorrow. However, with just an admission screen average of just 770 on itshigh 87 prints, it might not have been quite the phenomenon hoped for.

But while Troy, VanHelsing, Terkel In Trouble and KillBill Vol.2 slipped one position down the chart, this week's other newcomerswere indeed dwarfed by mammoth. Thus the anticipated release of the Norwegiancharmer Buddy disappointed on 15thwith just a weak 72 admission screen average on its eight prints, not muchbetter than Carandiru, Hababam Sinifi,The Cooler and Tycoon whichopened as low as 18th, 20th, 27th and 28th respectively.