Usually family filmsfrom Denmark don't sell very well abroad, but the case of Father Never Gives Up is proving more successful. The film sold511,000 tickets last winter in Danish cinemas, beating competition from SusanneBier and Anders Thomas Jensen to become the best performing Danish film thatopened in 2005.

The film has nowbeen sold to 21 foreign territories. Most sales have been done for TV, with HBOaccounting for two thirds of the territories planning to show the film in astring of countries in Central Europe. Among the other buyers are D Productionsfrom Turkey, Most Media from CIS, Kika from Germany, Family Filmsfrom France and VPRO Channel 3 in Holland.

Many of the distributorshave options on the follow-up project as well. Father Never Gives Up willlead to Father of Four: Living Large thisChristmas in local cinemas. The films are based on a successful concept fromthe 1950s originated from a comic strip. The action revolves around a father offour kids with lots of mayhem in and around their home. The film is directed byClaus Bjerre, produced by ASA Film Production and distributed by Scanbox.