Denmark’s Miso Film is making its second series of six 90 minute films with an all star Danish cast and directors

Denmark’s Miso Film has embarked on a second series, He Who Kills (Den som dræber), following its Norwegian thriller series Varg Veum.

The $15.1m series of six 90 minute thrillers, one of which will be released theatrically, is being developed with Danish commercial broadcaster, TV2/Danmark, and Sweden’s SF Film. All six will be screened on television.

Adapted from the novel by Danish author Elsebeth Egholm about a special unit of Copenhagen Police dealing with serial killers, the series will be headed up by an all star Danish cast including Lars Mikkelsen, Jakob Cedergren and Lauren Bach.

Danish director Peter Flinth (Arn-The Knight Templar) will direct one of the films, which is due to be released theatrically.  Birger Larsen is amongst the other directors signed up to direct the remaining episodes.

The films, which are being produced by Allen and Peter Bose for Miso Film, are being supported by Danish Film Institute’s Public Service Pool.

The series has been pre sold to TurstNordisk for Scandanavia.