Start-up Danish financing house Moviefan Scandinavia has launched a London-based sales company, Moviefan Ltd, with former Beyond Films executive Dee Emerson heading up sales.

Moviefan Scandinavia co-owner, Michael Lunderskov, is managing director of the new outfit which will debut at the London Screenings and MIFED. It's initial slate includes four titles, headed by Ralph Ziman's The Zookeeper, starring Sam Neill and Gina McKee. The completed title, executive produced by Lunderskov, is a co-production between Denmark's Svendsen Film, the UK's Apollo Films, Dutch production company Maborosi and Czech producer RePavel Novy Produkce. It was formerly represented by UGC International.

Also on the company's slate is Newton L. Aduaka's Rage, a UK drama about three aspiring hip-hop stars, which is screening in London and MIFED, and two titles in development: thriller Return To Sender, which is being scripted by The World Is Not Enough duo Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, and Amorous Intrigue, written by Patrick Edgeworth and set to star Hugh Jackman.

Rage is produced by the UK's Granite Filmworks and Metrodome. Return To Sender, an $8-10m drama about a lawyer who becomes emotionally involved with a woman who is charged with murdering a child, is being produced by Svendsen Film, Purvis&Wade and Moviefan Scandinavia. Amorous Intrigue, a period romantic comedy about the love life of playwright Aphra Behn, is being produced by PMP, Moviefan Scandinavia, Moviefan Ltd and DHM on a $12m budget.

Lunderskov describes Moviefan Ltd as 'a purely international company which will handle mostly English-language films.' The company has pledged to only handle about four or five titles a year. 'We want to give each film we sell the best possible treatment, and in my view that is only possible if you handle a limited number of titles,' Lunderskov said.

Moviefan has also appointed Polish producer Juliusz Kossakowski, whose credits include The Zookeeper, as director of co-productions.