Copenhagen-based distributor Nordisk Film has formed a strategic partnership with Swedish production company S/S Fladen, acquiring 50% of the company.

The deal is the latest in a string of alliances struck by Nordisk over the last two years after similar cooperations with Tre Vänner, Illusion Film, Hep Film and Bob Film.

'Close relations in the local movie production environment in all the Nordic countries are of great importance to Nordisk Film, and we are very happy with the new agreement,' explained Michael Ritto, managing director of Nordisk Film.

'S/S Fladen is one of Sweden's most successful production companies with strong creative talent, so we expect a lot from our future cooperation'.

Underbar Och Alskad Av Alla, which just opened in Sweden, will be distributed in Denmark by Nordisk Film.

The first two feature projects will start shooting in the first half of next year with Mans Herngren directing one of them.

Nordisk Film is now set to handle distribution of all of Fladens films in Scandinavia as well as selling them to the rest of the world.

Fladen was established by director/screenwriter Patrick Ryborn, most famous as the man behind popular comedy Adam & Eva.