Danish filmmaker Ole Bornedal has joined long-time collaborator Michael Obel's Thura Film, which was behind his debut hit thriller Nattevagten in 1994.

The duo also made the English-language version for Miramax with Ewan McGregor and Nick Nolte in 1998, and worked in the US together for a while.

Bornedal's position in Thura will be as director and creative producer, not only on his own films but also on the company's other projects. "Denmark is overflowing with talented filmmakers," says Bornedal, "that is why we want to offer an alternative production milieu where they can get support, dynamics, flair and respect for the film's artistic as well as commercial demands - as well as great experience off cause." Producer Obel adds: "Bornedal is extremely gifted, so it is a great advantage for our company as well as a personal joy for me to work with him again."

Bornedal is presently putting final touches on a new feature script, Just Another Love Story, set to go before the cameras in 2003 for Thura Film. The thriller sees an ordinary family man, who gets a chance to change his identity in a split second and does. "The film will be Bornedal at his best," promises Obel, "a great thriller about modern life, relationships and love."

Among Thura Film's other features in development are an adaptation of Bornedal's popular new version of the Danish stage classic Jeppe; Bornedal's European road-movie The Lady And The Thief and the children's thriller The Substitute (Vikaren).

His latest feature was I Am Dina for Nordisk Film. Among Michael Obel and Thura Film's recent films are Lasse Spang Olsen's action-comedy Old Men In New Cars, a hit at the Danish box-office this summer and recent winner of the audience award at the Spanish Mostra Festival in Valencia.

The duo has also set up a new commercials division of Thura Film, and named it BOB after Miramax co-honcho Bob Weinstein, because they believe that he embodies everything a good commercial should have; clarity, balls, charm, humour, intelligence, and unpredictability.