Danish actress Paprika Steen made awards history on Sunday by winning both best actress and best supporting actress prizes at the Danish film critics' Bodil Awards - having done exactly the same at last month's Danish academy awards, the Roberts.

Steen (pictured) and director Susanne Bier took centre stage at Sunday night's Bodil Awards, which are handed out by the Danish association of film critics.

Steen secured both the best actress and best supporting actress prizes for Okay and Open Hearts respectively, with Open Hearts also named best film.

Nikolaj Lie Kaas took the best supporting actor award for his role in Bier's Open Hearts - a critical and commercial Dogme hit. It is his third award despite his youth, having previously won in 1992 for Soren Kragh-Jacobsen's The Boys From St Petri and in 1999 for Lars von Trier's The Idiots.

Beating the two veterans Ole Ernst (Okay) and Jorgen Kiil (Minor Mishaps) as well as the popular Mads Mikkelsen (Open Hearts), Jens Albinus took the best actor award for Nils Malmros' Facing The Truth.

Three honorary awards were given to screenwriters who have been instrumental in the success that the Danish film industry has enjoyed in recent years.

Mogens Rukov is a teacher at the National Film School as well as a collaborator with Thomas Vinterberg and von Trier among others. Kim Fupz Aakeson has written such hits as The One And Only, Okay, Minor Mishaps and Old New Borrowed And Blue, while the prolific Anders Thomas Jensen has been a co-writer of films including Mifune, Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself and Open Hearts and is a director in his own right.

Best foreign-language prize winners were Pedro Almodovar's Talk To Her and David Lynch's Mulholland Drive as best non-American and best American film. The Bodils have been given out since 1948, making the awards some of the oldest in the world.