Danish broadcaster TV2/Denmark, which has become one of the biggest supporters of feature films in Denmark, is to provide the industry with an additional $0.72m (DKr6m) in development funding.

The public service station is obliged by law to provide an annual minimum of $2.4m (DKr20m) for local feature production, and will continue to do so for the next four years. However, in 2000 it surpassed this amount by contributing $3.6m (DKr30m) to a total of 11 films. Among these are Nordisk Film's romantic comedy Once In A Lifetime, from popular director Susanne Bier, and Lasse Spang Olsen's family pirate adventure Jolly Roger, produced by M&M Productions.

Denmark's other national broadcaster and TV2's major competitor, DR, is obliged to support the industry with at least $3m (DKr25m) annually.