The Swedish Film Institute’s Head of Production Funding and Promotion Charlotte Denward will become the new production chief at Swedish major, Svensk Filmindustri, as of November 1.

She will replace Börje Hansson, who will leave SF after four years by the end of this month.

“Denward will be difficult to replace,” said the institute’s managing director Anna Serner. She was a film commissioner between 1996-2000 and backed such films as Lukas Moodysson’s Show Me Love (Fucking Åmål) and Ella Lemhagen’s Tsatsiki, Mum and the Policeman (Tsatsiki, morsan och polisen). After seven years as producer for Stockholm-based production outfit,  Filmlance, she returned to her present job in 2008. Originally she started her career as a projectionist in Lund.

“Denward’s experience as a film commissioner and head of productions at the film institute makes her a perfect production chief with Svensk, which has the ambition to lead and develop film production in Sweden, and also has a proud heritage to manage,” added Svensk president Rasmus Ramstad.

Svensk will shortly (September 28) launch Swedish Hollywood-director Lasse Hallström’s The Hypnotist (Hypnotisören), Hallström’s first film in his homeland since 1987, to commence a series of eight thrillers from Lars Kepler’s novel. The next, The Paganini Contract (Paganinikontraktet) will shoot from the autumn under the direction of Kjell Sundvall.

The children private eyes from LasseMaja’s Detective Agency in Swedish author Martin Widmark’s books have been assigned by Svensk to investigate three cases – the first, Swedish director Walter Söderlund’s LasseMaja’s Detective Agency-Von Brom’s Secret (Von Broms hemlighet) will be premiered on February 8, 2013, and the third will go into production next month.

The company is also involved in Danish director Per Fly’s Monica Z – A Lingonberry in a Cocktail (Monica Z - ett lingonris i cocktailglas), with StellaNova; Swedish director Lukas Moodysson’s We Are The Best! (Vi är bäst!), with Memfis Film; and  Swedish director Agneta Fagerström-Olsson’s Wallander - The Troubled Man (Wallander – Den oroliga mannen), with Yellow Bird.