French stars Daniel Auteuil and Gerard Depardieu are pairing up for a new film by Oliver Marchal entitled 36.

The Euros 13.75m film, produced through French major Gaumont, is set at 36 Quai des Orfevres, a mythic spot in French cinema and the site of police headquarters in Paris.

The two titans face off as police chiefs each heading up a special forces brigade who fight over everything from their methods to the woman they love.

Italian actress Valeria Golina is the girl in question and is joined by Andre Dussollier and Roschdy Zem in supporting roles.

Directing his second feature, Marchal returns to familiar territory having made the police themed Gangsters in 2002 and a 1999 short called A Good Cop. The director has also acted in and written several police dramas.

Set for a December 2004 release, the film is produced by Franck Chorot for Gaumont and LGM who produced Marchal's previous work and last year's Mais Qui A Tue Pamela Rose with Gaumont. Shooting begins on 36 in early February for 15 weeks.