Cannes Critics' Week winner, Depuis Qu'Otar Est Parti has been announced as the winner of the 13th annual Prix Michel d'Ornano. The film's director and screenwriter Julie Bertuccelli will receive the award at the Deauville Festival of American Film in September.

The prize was created as an aid to writers and rewards a debut feature-length film. Named after Michel d'Ornano, the former mayor of Deauville and the founder of the American film festival, the prize is sponsored by members of the Motion Picture Association of America. MPAA president, Jack Valenti will present the award to Bertucelli and co-screenwriter Bernard Renucci on September 7 during the festival.

Otar is the touching story of three generations of a Georgian family who keep secrets to protect one another. Rather than seeing those lies destroy the ties that bind them, the cover-ups ultimately bring the family closer together through shared understanding and love.

Previous winners of the Prix Michel d'Ornano include Florence Vignon and Stephane Brize for Le Bleu Des Villes, Virginie Wagon for Le Secret, Gilles Paquet-Brenner for Les Jolies Choses and last year's Claude Duty for Filles Perdues, Cheveux Gras.