Based on Odermatt’s own play, a gripping story about sexual abuse, coming of age and being the outsider in a rural community in Switzerland

Prod company: Nordwest Film (Switz)

Producer: Jasmin Morgan

Director: Urs Odermatt

Screenplay: Urs Odermatt

DoP: Markus Rave

Production designers: Marlen Grassinger, Livia Krummenacher

Costume designer: Pia Muheim

Cast: Jörg-Heinrich Benthien, Miriam Japp, Paula Schramm, Verena Berger, Pascal Ulli 

Locations:Canton Aargau, Baden-Württemberg

Shooting fromJuly until August 2009

Contact Nordwest Film/Jasmin Morgan: (41) 56 442 95 90