Keith Allen says his controversial Princess Diana documentary Unlawful Killing is unlikely to receive a release in the UK for legal reeasons.

Actor-turned-director Allen said after yesterday’s market screening of the film that he had refused to make the 87 changes suggested by his lawyers. “But it’s an on-going process, and it may still be seen,” he said, adding that he would talk to the BFI London Film Festival about potentially screening it.

Tensions were running high at Allen’s press conference, where he was forced to defend his film, which argues amongst other things that the British media failed to report correctly on the inquest into Diana’s death, due to pressure from the “establishment”.

Allen also came under fire for not making it clear that the film has been entirely funded by Mohammed Al Fayed, whose son Dodi died along with Diana in the 1997 car crash. Allen revealed that he tried to get funding from Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky and the BBC, before turning to Al Fayed for the money.

The Harrods boss wasn’t at the press conference, but his spokesperson confirmed that he had put up the film’s £2.5m budget and that he was “delighted with the film.”