Digital distributor and online magazine has launched at Sundance [Jan 20] with the aim of spotlighting quality films that slip through the traditional distribution net.

The website contains editorial and community oriented content and was co-founded by Trumbo producer Alan Klingenstein and Talking Pictures Company co-founders Alan Hruska and Petina Cole.

The team includes The Film Sales Company's Alan Herwitz, acquisitions and editorial consultant Marie-Therese Guirgis and CEO Pete Taylor.

The company has acquired digital rights to 20 foreign films from Pyramide International including Claire Denis' Nenette and Boni, Catherine Breillat's 36 Fillette and Benoit Jacquot's La Fausse Suivante. FilmCatcher negotiated the deal with Pyramide International head of international sales Yoann Ubermulhin.

FilmCatcher has also signed an ongoing licensing deal with Original Thinkers for its series of short films and will launch the series with four title including Richard Linklater's Live From Shiva's Dance Floor. The company is also building a network of marketing partners with the Angelika Film Center in New York.