The 16th DinardFestival of British Film, the France-based film festival for British featuresto be held October 6-9, has selected the six titles for this year'scompetition.

They are: Brian Cook's ColourMe Kubrick, starring John Malkovichas a man impersonating the great director; Jan Dunn's Dogme-style drama Gypo; Opal Dreams from The Full Montydirector Peter Cattaneo; Stephen Woolley's Stoned about late Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones,Annie Griffin's Festival, setduring the Edinburgh Festival, and Brad McGann's In My Father's Den, about a war journalist who returns to New Zealand.

A jury led by Frenchdirector Regis Wargnier will select the winner of Dinard's Hitchcock d'Oraward, which comes with a cash prize of Euros 3,000 towards distribution costsand a Euros 1,600 grant to the director. The audience votes on the winner ofthe Hitchcock d'Argent.

The festival kicks off onOctober 6 with Sally Potter's Yes. A number of British features will be making theirFrench debuts at Dinard: Charles Dance's Ladies in Lavender, Gaby Dellal's On a Clear Day, Neil Jordan's Breakfast on Pluto, Michael Caton-Jones' Shooting Dogs, Valerie Lemercier's Palais-Royal, and Neil Marshall's The Descent.

The festival will presenttributes to directors Nicolas Roeg and Neil Jordan, who are both expected toattend.

Dinard is sponsored by theUK Film Council along with the British Council and France's Centre National dela Cinematographie.