The focus of the first edition of the Danish film festival Copenhagen Pix will be new industry trends and talents it was announced today.

Copenhagen Pix will replace the NATFilm festival and the Copenhagen International Film festival, with its first editionon April 16 - 26 2009.

The festival's full programme will be revealed in March 2009 but the Copenhagen Pix highlights already announced include:

  • The 3 D revolution - Copenhagen Pix will spotlight on the numerous 3 D films that US studios are preparing for 2009 releases;
  • The crossover relationship between the world of computer games and film, which will be examined in a two day seminar; and
  • New talent - with the main competition directed at first features. The new talents grand prix will feature 10 to 12 debut features from across the world, and a first prize of $63,000 (Euros 50.0000) to help the director with his second feature.

The festival's associated documentary film festival, Copenhagen Dox, set a new record with an increase in 28% in attendance for its recent 6th edition.