Last Kiss director Gabriele Muccino has set up his own production company, which willfocus on adverts and feature films and will have offices in Milan, Rome and LosAngeles

'IndianaProduction will group together both young and established writers and directorsand will also operate as a talent agency,' Muccinosaid.

Indiana will also have a "Young Target"division that will focus on developing creativity and emerging talents.

"Indiana is a company that aims tomake the most of its own artistic resources, taking care of them and promotingthem on the market-place," said the director.

Indiana has a staff of 14 in Rome and Milan, including producers MarcoCohen and Fabrizio Donvito,who have previously worked with Muccino on severaladverts. Muccino will set up a Los Angeles branch later this month,headed by Casey Morris.

Muccinois currently in post on Columbia Pictures' ThePursuit of Happyness, based on the realrags-to-riches tale of investment banker Chris Gardner who was a homelesssingle dad at 30 and worked his way up the ranks to partner one of Chicago's biggest minority brokeragefirms.

Thefilm, which marks Muccino's English language debut,was written by Steve Conrad (The WeatherMan) and stars Will Smith.

Muccino is one of Italy's most commercialwriter-directors. His credits include TheLast Kiss, which earned a massive $15.6m (Euros 13.1m)in Italy, and Remember me $12.1 (Euros 10.2m). He has also directed numerous TVadverts.