The Directors' Fortnight (Quinzaine Des Realisateurs) wrapped up its 2002 line-up today (Monday Apr 29) when it announced the inclusion of Werner Schroeter's Franco-German production Deux and Romain Goupil's Une Pure Coincidence.

In Deux, last year's Palme-winning actress Isabelle Huppert plays twin sisters deprived of love by a tyrannical mother. Sex and drama are their only outlet. For Une Pure Coincidence, politically activist Goupil assembled a large number of fellow directors to film the goings-on of the small time money-launderers who handle the finances of illegal immigrants.

The two join a Directors' Fortnight line-up largely announced last week. The section opens with Catherine Breillat's close-up on a film set Sex Is Comedy and by Tareque Masud's Clay Bird (Matir Moina).

In addition to the announced titles the last day will include Polissons Et Galipettes a series of anonymous pornographic films from the beginning of the 20th century, a re-edit of Otello, re-screened as a tribute to Carmelo Bene using material left out of the 1979 version. There will also be the Programme Savannah showcase, a series of graduate films from the US' Savannah College of Art and Design, with which the Quinzaine is partnered.

Directors' Fortnight
Bord De Mer Dir: Julie Lopes-Curval
Le Pays Du Chien Qui Chante Dir: Yann Dedet
Une Pure Coincidence Dir: Romain Goupil
Deux Dir: Werner Schroeter
Un Oso Rojo (L'Ours Rouge) Dir: Israel Adrian Caetano (Argentina)
Claybird (Matir Moina) Dir: Tareque Masud (Bangladesh)
Nada + (Rien) Dir: Juan Carlos Cremata (Cuba)
Only The Strong Survive Dir: DA Pennebaker & Chris Hegedus (US)
Welcome To Collinwood Dir: Joseph Et Anthony Russo (US)
Laurel Canyon Dir: Lisa Cholodencko (US)
Apartment #5 C Dir: Rafael Nadjari (France)
Morvern Callar Dir: Lynne Ramsay (UK)
Once Upon A Time In The Midlands Dir: Shane Meadows (UK)
Isvan Bibo, Fragments Dir: Peter Forgacs (Hungary)
The Embalmer (L'Imbalsamatore) Dir: Matteo Garrone (Italy)
Angela Dir: Roberta Torre (Italy)
Japon Dir: Carlos Reygadas (Mexico)
Occident Dir: Cristian Mungiu (Romania)
Blue Gate Crossing Dir: Yee Chih-Yen (Taiwan)
Abouna Dir: Mahamat Saleh Haroun (Chad)

Short and medium-length films
Apres Lenfance Dir: Thomas Lilti - France
Bang Nhau' Egaux Dir: Stefan Sao Nelet - France
Comme Ca Jentends La Mer Dir: Helene Milano - France
Comme Un Seul Homme Dir: Jean-Louis Gonnet - France
Deux Cents Dirhams Dir: Laila Marrakchi - France/Morocco
Memoires Incertaines Dir: Michale Boganim - France/UK
Che Si Shi Si (Bus 44) Dir: Dayyang Eng - Hong-Kong/US
Fish In The Sea Is Not Thirsty Dir: Soopum Sohn - South Korea/US
The Girl In The Red Dress Dir: Aletta Collin - UK
Ingmar Bergman ; Intermezzo Dir: Gunnar Bergdahl - Sweden
Mexicano Dir: Toby MacDonald - UK
Muno Dir: Bouli Lanners - Belgium

En avant !
Cinemascope Trilogy (L'Arrivee / Outer Space / Dream Work) Dir: Peter Tscherkassky - Austria
Entering Indifference Dir: Vincent Dieutre - France
For The Time Being (Present Inacheve) Dir: Johan Van Der Keuken- Netherlands
Life On A String Dir: Steven Lippman - US
Phantom Dir: Matthias Mueller - Germany
Portraits Filmes Dir: Valerie Mrejen - France

Special screenings
Otello Dir: Carmelo Bene - Italy
Polissons Et Galipettes Presented by Michel Reilhac

Savannah Showcase
A showcase of student films produced by students of the Savannah College of Art and Design:
Insomniac Dir: Vanja Varasac & Matt Woo
Next Door Dir:Jeff Rich
A-20 Dir: Brad Warren
Bob The Slob Dir: Nate Theis
Samson Dir: Graham DuBose