Directors UK, which represents over 3,500 members, held its first AGM last Thursday at BAFTA. At the meeting, seven new board members were named.

The seven members are: Anna Davies (Wife Swap, Extraordinary People), Piers Haggard (Quatermass, The Ruth Rendell Mysteries), Roger Michell (Notting Hill, Enduring Love), Stuart Orme (Merlin, Colditz), Tom Roberts (Inside the Mind of a Suicide Bomber, In Tranzit) , Tim Sullivan (Jack and Sarah, Cold Feet), and Herbert Wise (I Claudius, Inspector Morse). Fourteen members stood for election this year.

They join current board members Paul Greengrass, Simon Berthon, Benetta Adamson, Gurinder Chadha, Simon Curtis, James Hawes, Brian Hill, Peter Kosminsky, Matt Lipsey, Mary McMurray, Peter Nicholson, Richard Spence, Charles Sturridge, Susanna White, David Yates.

At the meeting, Chairman Charles Sturridge (Shackleton, The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency) gave a review of the past 12 months.

He referred to the public launch of Directors UK (formerly DPRS); the signing of an agreement with BECTU, the UK union for broadcasting, film, theatre, entertainment, leisure and interactive media, over the representation of directors; the highest ever collection and distribution of money from foreign collection societies on behalf of directors; the start of negotiations with broadcasters; the launch of the new website; and the growing profile of Directors UK both in the UK and internationally.

Paul Greengrass, President of Directors UK, said 'It's been an absolutely fantastic year. Directors UK is in existence now, it's playing a leading role in the industry. The community of directors in the UK, for the first time in a generation, is taking shape.'