When Japan lost World War II, a new war started in Brazil. A war between the Japanese immigrants who accepted and those who did not accept the defeat.

Prod companies: MIXER, Sony Pictures Latin America, Globofilmes

Backers: BNDES, FSA, Paulínia City Council

Producers: Vicente Amorim, João Daniel Tikhomiroff, Eliane Ferreira

Budget: 4m

Intl sales: Kátia Machado, kamacha@oi.com.br

Director: Vicente Amorim

Screenplay: David França Mendes

DoP: Rodrigo Monte

Production Design: Daniel Flaksman   

Cast: Wagner Moura

Locations: São Paulo State, Brazil

Shooting from when until when: From March to April 2010

Contact: Katia Machado (kamacha@oi.com.br), Eliane Ferreira (eliane.ferreira@mixer.com.br)