The chairmanof the Walt Disney Studios, Dick Cook, has said that Disney wants to renew thestudio's deal with animation powerhouse Pixar.

Just over a year after thetwo film studios announced an end to their partnership, which has produced sixconsecutive global blockbusters and box office receipts of $2.7 billion (£1.4billion), a new deal could be on the table.

Dick Cook, the head ofDisney's film studios, told The Times newspaper that it was "definitelyour desire" to strike a new deal with Pixar in place of the one that willexpire with the release of Cars next year.

"This has been probably themost successful relationship in the history of Hollywood," Cook said. "We'vehad a great working relationship with [Pixar]. It's been about as easy as anyhas ever been in terms of making movies and distributing and marketing them."Cook was speaking during a visit to London this week.

"It's definitely our desireto further the relationship with Pixar for years to come, and develop it evenmore, and we're hopeful they feel the same way," Cook said.

Cook's comments come twomonths after Disney named Bob Iger as CEO designateto replace Michael Eisner.

Eisner was seenas the main stumbling block for Disney to renew its partnership with Pixarbecause of his turbulent relationship with Pixar Chief Executive Steve Jobs.

In his first talk to the public after being named CEOdesignate in March, Iger said he hoped to "to open a dialogue with Pixarabout a continued relationship."