UPDATE: Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3 — now at $37m after two days in international release — will now open on May 1 and not May 3 as previously stated, Disney executives confirmed on Friday [26].

The superhero adaptation is set to arrive in 42 major territories this weekend except Germany and Russia and could be headed for a spectacular result after racing to $36.5m in the first two days in 27 markets.

Iron Man 3 opened in South Korea on $3m in the biggest Thursday for a Marvel Studios release and the third biggest Thursday of all time behind Pirates 3 and Transformers 3.

It set the third biggest Marvel Studios launch day [Thursday] in the UK on $3.6m and scored Argentina’s second biggest opening day behind the Harry Potter finale on $700,000 [Thursday].

Hong Kong produced $1m for the second biggest Marvel Studios launch day behind Spider-Man 3 while Indonesia set the biggest opening day in history on an unspecified number.

Turning to the Wednesday openers, Australia has generated $8.1m in two days, France $4.7m, Italy $4.6m, the Philippines $2.7m and Taiwan $2.5m.