Spanish outfit Imagina has sold Emilio Aragon’s $8m music drama Paper Birds to Alcine-Terran for theatrical distribution in Japan, ahead of its premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival.

Paper Birds (Pajaros De Papel) is the directorial debut of producer and actor Emilio Aragon, co-written by Fernando Castets (Son Of The Bride), and tells the story of a group of musicians trying to eke out an existence in post war Spain.

The impressive cast is led by Lluis Homar (Broken Embraces), Carmen Machi (Volver) and Roger Princep (The Orphanage), with strong backing for the film coming from local producers Antena 3 Films, Versatil Cinema and GloboMedia.

Paper Birds has already made $3m in Spain through Fox earlier this year and is set to be screened to audiences for the first time outside of Spain at the Montreal World Film Festival later this month. It will then feature in the Made In Spain section at San Sebastian and Tokyo’s Latin Beat film festival, both in September.

Imagina is currently negotiating further deals in key territories for the film.