Phillip Montgomery’s debut doc explores youth disillusionment with the political process and the events that led up to the Occupy movement.

Ryan Gosling narrates the film and produced with Anonymous Content and Engine 7 Films.

“The very moment we started exploring the subject of apathy in today’s youth, we knew there was something in the air,” Montgomery said. “While cynicism prevailed in the national dialogue toward social and political causes, the youth was telling us something very different. Their voice was one of hope.”

Red Flag Releasing’s Paul Federbush acquired all rights excluding TV and the company plans an April 2012 US release. 

Kevin Iwashina of Parlay Media, Liesl Copland and Deborah McIntosh of WME Global, Paul Green and Matt DeRoss of Anonymous Content and Joel Goulder, Jeremy Goulder, and Chris Baker of Engine 7 negotiated on behalf of the filmmakers.